Three Flex Slacks over muscular but invisible physiques in action poses in front of a Buffery logomark projected up behind them

For those finer thighs in life


"Lowers" cover your lower body because you don't train "bottom" body. These Lowers are for the guys who do NOT have a thigh gap and those who never skip Leg Day but need to wear more than gym shorts.


    All American

    We're an American company manufacturing in upstate New York & serving the world. Local shipping & local accents (NY slang with a southern twang). We'll take care of you!

    Big Boy Sizes

    Straightforward sizing in big, American sizes. With us there's no trying to figure out the number of Xs only to see they don't make a big enough size.

    Free Shipping

    No surprises & no code required with shipping included on all orders anywhere in the continental United States & discounted worldwide shipping rates.