Dress Code Guide

It’s arrived! You’ve been officially invited to an event (a wedding, a ball, or a gala, perhaps) with a DRESS CODE! What does that even mean? Do you have the clothing needed? Can you FIT into what is needed? More importantly, do you look GOOD in it? We’ll help you with all of that so you’ll look more James Bond than Justin Bieber (or the help). Let’s start with what it all means.

When a host or hostess mentions a dress code on an invitation, it is to ensure the event is as casual or as formal as they want and are trying to guide the guests as to their expectations. The dress code is often stipulated on the invitation itself (in the lower portion), on a separate enclosed details/information card, or on the event website.

Guests are always invited to embrace the dress code with their own individual style and thus contribute to the atmosphere and success of the event so, it's always best to "dress to impress."

The dress code options are:

Dress to Impress!