Sport Sartorial

It's not "athleisure," it's SPORT SARTORIAL!

Sport Sartorial

This new limited edition collection capitalizes on the movement that began in 1985 to incorporate sneakers, basketball shoes, with suits and nice clothes. Bold, graphic blocking and colorways create high visibility and a striking presence! They even layer well with hoodies and t-shirts. Mix and match with your high tops collection to be the sharpest and boldest man in the room (or on the court)!

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    We're an American company manufacturing in upstate New York & serving the world. Local shipping & local accents (NY slang with a southern twang). We'll take care of you!

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    Straightforward sizing in big, American sizes. With us there's no trying to figure out the number of Xs only to see they don't make a big enough size.

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