Buffery® - Flex Uniforms™

Grown-Up Clothes for Bodybuilders

Look like the biggest & sharpest man in any room!
Buffery® - Flex Uniforms™

Grown-Up Clothes for Bodybuilders

Look like the biggest & sharpest man in any room!

Has this Happened to You?

Ripped Seams?

Sweat Buckets?

Dressed Like a Tent?

Get blazers, shirts, slacks, suits, & tuxedos ready-to-wear & tailored just for muscular men!

Made in America
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Buffery® Dress Shirts

Nobody does muscle fit for bodybuilders like Buffery®! We shape the garments AROUND the muscles & don't "sports bra" them flat relying on stretchy fabric. You'll love the way you look!

Best Fitting
Sharp Suit
Velare-CoreTech™ 4-way Stretch Fabric
Buttery Soft
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Maximum Flexibility
Flex Slacks
No "Plumber's Crack"!
Anti-pilling Fabric
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Attention to Detail

You want something that works, & works WELL. Clothing that is strong enough to handle you & the bodybuilding lifestyle but classy enough to wear to a meeting with investors, to church, or out on a date. Buffery® has your Dorito-shaped back.

How It Works

1. Get Your Size

A great fit depends on accurate data. Your size is determined with just 1 to 2 simple measurements.

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2. Get Your Style

Choose your style, size, and color - whatever you (or your significant other) prefer.

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3. Get Your "W"

Eliminate the stress & worry of dressing up & look like the biggest & sharpest man in any room! #winning

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Fashion & Function

The Buffery® Flex Uniform™ survives & thrives under the spotlight on the catwalk as America Ninja Warrior Carl does a handstand push-up in our fashion show.

Expertise Matters
25 Years Experience

Get a Tailored Fit - By Expert Tailors

There's a reason why clothing brands "by athletes" don't sell blazers, suits, or tuxedos for bodybuilders: it's friggin' hard! Sure, being an athlete might give you an idea of what you need, but it doesn't help you meet those complex needs.

You'll get our over 25 years of design, fit, & fashion expertise & experience working for brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, & Hickey Freeman, coupled with our experience of blowing out the seat of our own pants seams, & dedicating it to expertly fitting bodybuilders.

Visit our Pop-up!

2022 NPC North American Championships

Aug 31-Sep 3 - Sheraton Station Square - Pittsburgh, PA

Wed-Fri, 8:30am - 10:00pm
Saturday, 8:30am - 10:00pm

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All American

We're an American company manufacturing in upstate New York & serving the world. Local shipping & local accents (NY slang with a southern twang). We'll take care of you!

Big Boy Sizes

Straightforward sizing in big, American sizes. With us there's no trying to figure out the number of Xs only to see they don't make a big enough size.

Free Shipping!

No surprises & no code required with shipping included on all orders anywhere in the continental United States & discounted worldwide shipping rates.